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Protected: How to Calculate ROI for Automating your Packaging Line

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Retail Ready Packaging

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Retail Ready Packaging is one of hottest trends in the industry right now. Today we are going to take a quick look at what is Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) and how you can take advantage of it.

What to Look for in a Case Sealer Part 3 – Others

In the last 2 postings, we went over belts and flap folding on a case sealer. This week we are going to go over some of the less tangible issues when choosing a case sealer such as design, service support etc.

What to Look for in a Case Sealer Part 2 – Semi-Automatic vs Automatic Flap Folding

Depending on your requirements of your packaging line, you will need to decide to either go with a semi-automatic or fully automatic case sealer. First of all what’s the difference?

What to Look for in a Case Sealer Part 1 – Belts

Case sealers whether semi or fully automatic are relatively simple machines. They are basically a table with a conveyor and tape head or glue gun. However, the simplicity of these machines does not mean that they are all the same.

Top 5 packaging industry trends

  Retail Ready Packaging Retail Ready Packaging is one of the fastest growing trends in all of packaging with the surge of stand-up pouches, retail ready trays and retail ready RPC’s.

You don’t need to break the bank to automate your packaging line

When people think of automating their case forming and case sealing line, they often think of fully automatic machinery which are large, complex and expensive machines. However, many do not realize that there is a tier of machinery between manual hand-packing and a fully automated line; semi-automatic machines.

Top 5 reasons you should automate your case forming and sealing

  Clean up your Floor Space – Automating your case forming, packing and sealing means eliminating the need for pre-made cases. Pre-making cases is not only a huge waste of time, it also creates a lot of clutter and wastes a lot of valuable floor space which can be dedicated to other tasks.

Glue vs Tape – Deciding on Packaging System Adhesive

One decision that all manufacturers need to make when deciding on a packaging system is the adhesive. The 2 most popular types of adhesives for forming and sealing cases are Pressure Sensitive Tape and Hot Melt Glue.