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Retail Ready Packaging

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Retail Ready Packaging is one of hottest trends in the industry right now. Today we are going to take a quick look at what is Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) and how you can take advantage of it.

What is Retail Ready Packaging?

RRP is basically packaging that is delivered in a “ready-to-sell” container. It often forgoes the traditional “brown box” shipper and instead of the having the retailer unpack and unload product onto shelves, the entire container is place onto shelves. RRP often consists of either Retail Ready Display Trays or Tear Out Perforated Cases.

Why Use Retail Ready Packaging?

Many of the largest retailers such as Walmart and Target now require products to be in RRP’s. Aside from being required to, there are quite a few benefits from using RRP. With a well designed case or tray, RRP can significantly enhance your brand image and make your products instantly recognizable on store shelves. Product is also less likely to get damaged by knives when the employee at the grocery store opens the product with a sharp knife. Your product will also stay more organized if they remain in a retail ready case as opposed to be loaded and organized by the people at the store.

How Can I Use It?

Talk to your corrugate/consumables supplier to work on a RRP design that works for you. Most tray formers or case erectors are able to form RRP trays, the most important point is that since you will likely have high quality graphics on your tray/case, you will want a machine that does forms them reliably and precisely. One of the leaders in forming RRP trays is IPak Machinery with the TF-350 Fully Automatic Tray Former. For RRP cases, there’s no case former that is more reliable than the Wexxar WF Series with the patented “Pin and Dome” system.

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