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Top 5 reasons you should automate your case forming and sealing


    1. Clean up your Floor Space – Automating your case forming, packing and sealing means eliminating the need for pre-made cases. Pre-making cases is not only a huge waste of time, it also creates a lot of clutter and wastes a lot of valuable floor space which can be dedicated to other tasks.

  1. Better Protection for your Product – By using an automatic case sealer like Wexxar/BEL’s BEL 150 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer, your cases will always be properly sealed, minimizing the chance for product damage on route. A secure, reliable seal will also save you tape as manual operators will tend to apply multiple pieces of tape when packing.
  2. Better Working Environment for your staff – By making sure all aspects of the packaging line such as blank cases and the unpacked product are all delivered to the operator at the right speed and right position, the operator can perform his job quickly and easily in a relatively comfortable manner.
  3. Saves you money quickly. By comparing the costs associated with having a large number of staff form cases by hand compared to 1 operator with a case forming, and packing station, you will be able to see that despite the upfront costs, your machine will be paid for in a matter of months.
  4. To grow your business! With a scalable automated packaging system like the BEL 505 and 150, you are able to easily increase your production output. By reducing the number of staff needed to work on secondary packaging, you are able to dedicate personnel to more important jobs like product production.

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